Bill Margold - Playpen of the Damned
Bill Margold - Playpen of the Damned
Bill Margold - Playpen of the Damned

Welcome to

The Playpen of the Damned

This page is linked to the Official Bill Margold YouTube Page containing his video collection of interviews and editorial pieces about the adult industry. These Adult Industry Documentaries will inform you and open your eyes to more about the industry in-front and behind the camera. Get incite of what the Adut Industry Performers life is really like.

This Channel has over 150 videos from Bill’s archives and will be growing as more is uncovered. We encourage you to not only visit this page and view the growing number of videos that were stored in Bill’s archives but please SUBSCRIBE to the channel.

We lost Bill in February of 2017 and the pain still exist here at All Pleasure Network. This is not our YouTube Channel but that of a friend of both Bill’s and ours. We hope you will see how important Bill was to the Adult Industry and all the people in it.

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